Tests produced since 1985
Tool to assess human risk in organisations.
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Review, Training, Personal development...
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risk enables the following functionalities:
 Online test
 Local testing (Windows)
 Choice of number of criteria (10 to 38 out of 38)
 Sign-up verification (during and after the test)
 Response time verification
 Test administration verification
 3D histograms
 Definable histograms
 Comparison of test results and self-evaluation
 Comparison with standardisation of professions
 Identification of strong suits and weaknesses
 Automatic report generation
 Exportation of results to Word and Excel
 Exportation in JPG/GIF format
 Online help for the interpretation of criteria
 Results compared to profession profiles
 Downloadable standardisation of professions
 Creation of personalised profession profiles
 Identification and highlighting of performance thresholds
 Online help for the interpretation of criteria
 Results in macro-criteria
 Predefined or adaptable macro-criteria
 Criteria weighting option
 Graphical results
 Standardisation by profession
 Detailed results
 Simultaneous comparisons of up to 10 results
 Pre-calibrated or adaptable standardisation of professions
 Graphical comparison of results
 Graphical overlay of profession referential
 Online help for the interpretation of criteria
 Full web solution
 Local PC solution
 Full range of tests in a single application
 Exportation possible to databases
 Data archiving
 Online test management (Internet)
 Online software update
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