Tests produced since 1985
Tool to assess motivation.
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Motivation, Career management, Conflict resolution, Retention...
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PanoramaPro is specially designed and standardised for the following professions:
 Personnel of the services to the people
 Personnel of the services to the companies and the communities
 Personnel of public safety
 Personnel of the administrative services
 Personnel of the sales departments
 Personnel of hotel trade
 Personnel of the restoration
 Coffee personnel, bar brewery
 Personnel of the distribution
 Personnel of the sale
 Personnel of the sales forces
 Professionals of arts
 Professionals of the spectacle
 Professionals of the initial formation
 Professionals of the continuous training
 Professionals of the social and cultural intervention
 Professionals of the socio-economic intervention
 Professionals of the ancillary medical care
 Technical professionals medico
 Professionals of rehabilitation and equipment
 Experts of health
 Technical experts médico
 Frameworks of administrative management
 Professionals of information and the communication
 Professionals of data processing
 Frameworks of commercial management
 Frameworks of the bank, the insurances and the real estate
 Top executives
 Personnel of the agricultural production
 Personnel of fishing and sea and river transport
 Personnel of the carcass work heavy castings and public works
 Personnel of the second work
 Heavy plant drivers of surface transport
 Heavy plant drivers of operation, civil and agricultural engineering
 Personnel of logistics (handling, management and exploitation transport)
 Personnel of accompaniment of transport
 Personnel of the mechanical engineering and the work of metals
 Personnel of the electrical engineering and electronic
 Personnel of maintenance, maintenance
 Drivers of installation of the chemical industries, of energy production and agroalimentary
 Drivers of installation of the metallurgy and materials
 Drivers of installation of the heavy industry of the wood and of paper paperboard
 Personnel of the transsectorielles functions to industries of process
 Personnel of industries of flexible materials (textile, clothing, leather)
 Personnel of graphic industries
 Personnel of industries of furnishing and wood
 Personnel of the food
 Artisanal personnel of clothing, leather and the textile
 Personnel of the artisanal work of materials
 Artisanal personnel various
 Agents of framing of industrial production
 Agents of framing of maintenance
 Technicians of preparation of the production
 Technicians of manufacture, controls
 Technicians of installation, maintenance
 Technical experts of preparation of the production
 Technical experts of production
 Technical-commercial frameworks and of maintenance
 Supervisors, technicians and engineers of agriculture and of fishing
 Supervisors, technicians and engineers of the building, of public works and of the extraction
 Technicians and frameworks of transport and logistics
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