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Assessment and orientation tool for the Services.
Target population:
Lower level job in service providing activities
used for:
Recruitment, Orientation, Individual evaluation, Training...
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CompetencesPro Service is specially designed and standardised for the following professions:
 Personal Assistance Workers
 Enterprise and Institutional Services Personnel
 Public Safety Workers
 Administrative Services Workers
 Sales Department Personnel
 Hospitality Workers
 Restaurant Staff
 Cafe, Bar and Brasserie Staff
 Distribution Personnel
 Sales Personnel
 Sales Force Personnel
 Arts and Crafts Workers
 Show Business Workers
 Vocational Training Professionals
 Continuing Education Professionals
 Socio-Cultural Services Professionals
 Socio-Economic Services Professionals
 Emergency Medical Technicians
 Medical Reeducation and Bracing Professionals
 Health Practitioner
 Medico-Technical Practitioner
 Administrative Managers
 Information and Communications Professionals
 IT Professionals
 Sales Management Managers
 Banking, Insurance and Realty Managers
 Executive Officers
 Logistics Workers (Material Handling, Transport Operation and Management)
 Guides and Transport Personnel
 Transport and Logistics Managers and Workers
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