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Tool to direct the strategy of the organisation and to assess organizational culture.
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Internal survey, Conflict resolution, Training...
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This barometer of the social climate comprises the performance of a survey and the exploitation of data. It serves to measure the determinant factors of effectiveness in work organisation as well as that of the adjustments made.
Why deploy ATMOSPHERE® ?
● Are you aware of the expectations and perceptions of your various ranks of personnel?
● Are you aware of their perception of management and its strategy?
● Are you aware of what they think of your enterprise?
● Are you aware of their motivations and sources of frustration in their work?

We live in a world where employee perceptions and behaviours can change as quickly as technologies or knowledge.
If you serve on a directorate general, you need reliable, objective knowledge of your environment to oversee your enterprise.

Everything compels you to listen more closely to your employees today:
● Changes that your enterprise will undergo in the coming years
● Workload and shifting objectives
● New relationships with clients and the environment

The human factor plays an important role in organisations’ success and drive. Failure and success are quite often determined by the degree to which people are mobilised and motivated.

It is therefore crucial to have a clear view of the organisation, of management and of the effectiveness of services through an audit of internal resources.
Assembling a dedicated work group enables you to:
● Understand and analyse employee constraints, motivations and expectations
● Identify areas of dysfunction, especially with regard to objectives
● Benefit from reliable, qualitative and quantitative data to plan your actions
● Help personnel to better evaluate the perceived quality of services provided
● Assess, over time, the impact of measures taken using objective indicators
● Determine the organisation’s level of effectiveness

ATMOSPHERE® is a modern tool focused on the contribution of each individual for successful improvement of collective performance.
ATMOSPHERE® is a Social Intelligence tool